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Welcome to GreenTech Northwest!

We are a group of professional system designers, product specialists, electrical integrators that use new technologies to simplify your life, make it more comfortable, safer, productive and even more fun. We do all of this while maintaining a focus on reducing the energy consumption of your home and business.

 Automation systems to provide global control of systems such as temperature, lighting, security and entertainment

 Entertainment systems that distribute your music, videos and pictures throughout your home

 Home theater systems to provide a true movie theater experience in your home

 Lighting control systems that allow you to create whole house lighting scenes with one button push that will reduce energy usage while creating a more beautiful atmosphere

 Climate control systems that monitor your homes temperature and allows you to maximize the comfort of your home while minimizing energy consumption

 Safety systems to provide security and video surveillance while you are at home or away

 And the design documentation and integration services to put it all together for you in your home


Your resource for the artful use of technology to create value value in your home and value in your work environment.

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1. To be customer focused first and foremost

2. To use technologies that are proven

3. To use technologies that offer good value

4. To apply artful creativity to technology that will make your system enjoyable