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Important: Currently the Federal and State governments working with our local utility companies and other organizations are offering significant incentives and funding to make your transition to an eco-friendly business easier. We can work with you to find the right programs for you.

According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling typically represent 56% of your total energy bill.

We design and integrate HVAC control systems from a variety of manufacturers that can manage and automate your facilities temperature inside. These systems are a perfect complement to a high efficiency heating and ventilation system in your Green responsible organization.

¨ GreenHVACControl comes in both wired and wireless configurations so it is perfect for both new construction and remodels.

¨ GreenHVAVControl thermostats function just like the thermostats in your facility now but they have intelligence and the ability to communicate with your GreenControl system.

¨ GreenHVACControl is easy to integrate. We have systems that will work with most heating and cooling systems.

¨ Some GreenHVACControl systems are already set up to become “smart metering systems” that will connect to your utility company and give you even more ability to reduce your energy consumption.


Heating and cooling for your business likely accounts for over 50% of your yearly energy usage. High efficiency heating and high R value insulation and windows will reduce your carbon footprint but that is only part of the picture.

What would it be like to have complete control over your facilities HVAC system from a central PC interface or even remotely via the web? We at GreenTechNW believe it means a lot and so we offer our GreenHVACControl system to put you in charge of how you use your energy in a way that is both convenient and Green.

GreenClimateControl is an important part of our GreenControl system that puts you on the road to increased savings and greater convenience. Our experts are here to help you design the right system for you.

Fast Facts:

GreenTechNW’s GreenHVACControl offers you total control and reduces energy usage.