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Important: Currently the Federal and State governments working with our local utility companies and other organizations are offering significant incentives and funding to make your transition to an eco-friendly business easier. We can work with you to find the right programs for you.

GreenTechNW designs renewable energy systems that meet your home’s power requirements now and in the future. We work with top solar and wind generation integrators around the country to implement a robust system that is easy to manage. 

¨ Our federal government is currently offering a 30% tax credit for renewable systems integration for businesses and residences.

¨ The US is also giving ITC’s  with accelerated depreciation for renewable energy integration.

¨ Washington state currently offers $ .15/KWHR minimum up to $ .54/KWH  for renewable energy production that utilize components manufactured in Washington state.

¨ Washington utility, PSE, currently has rebate programs for energy systems tune-ups and the installation of intelligent thermostats and lighting control devices.

¨ Washington utility, PSE, currently has grants available for 50-70% funding of renewable energy retrofits and up to 100% funding for new construction.


The White House and Congress are funding the “greening” of the US through policies, incentives and dollars. Now is a great time for your business to take advantage of these benefits and make a statement that you stand for the future of this country and the world. 

GreenTechNW is the technology architect that will work with you to design and integrate a renewable energy system. You will be able to manage your systems and take advantage of green efficiencies through informative on-screen interfaces that show your energy generation and how that translates into carbon reduction and environmental savings. 

Let one of our designers begin to work with you today to begin to integrate a renewable energy system into your home.

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With a Renewable Energy System designed by GreenTechNW you are contributing to a greener planet and brighter future for you and your family.