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Our GreenControl automation systems provide you with control and oversight of your home’s lighting, climate, entertainment and security systems to minimize your carbon footprint and maximize convenience and enjoyment.

¨ GreenControl is offered in both wired and wireless configurations making it perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications.

¨ GreenControl is easy to integrate being compatible with a wide range of lighting, climate, entertainment and safety products.

¨ GreenControl offers a variety of friendly, easy to use interfaces to access, monitor and control your home’s electronic systems.

¨ GreenControl may be customized to fit your energy savings and lifestyle requirements.

¨ Studies suggest that thru the use of GreenControl technologies the average sized home can reduce carbon emissions by over 800 pounds in one year!


While the promise of the “Smart Home” with the conveniences of automated control of lighting, heating and cooling, entertainment and so on has been with us for some time now, it is only recently that the elements have been in place to be able to deliver on this promise.

GreenTechNW’s GreenControl is the architecture that brings together these elements and allows the home to become a unified whole.

Because each family wants a home that uniquely expresses their needs and dreams, our systems reflect this uniqueness. Let one of our designers begin to work with you to integrate the convenience, the entertainment and the eco sensibility of a GreenControl system into your life today!

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With GreenTechNW’s GreenControl solutions you win …… and so does the planet!

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