Here are the 4 levels of GreenControl solutions that can be integrated into you home Now!

Simple is our entry level system that is rich on features. Because it is wireless it is beautifully simple to integrate. It will provide you with automated control for a price that will surprise you.         Read More

More is the next logical step for those who need more lifestyle control, especially with their media content. It offers the next level of performance for you music, video and photo collection.           Read More

GreenTechNW’s Sky offers the ultimate in versatility. It is a fully customizable system that brings together the best in control, audio and video performance and safety. All of this and a control interface that is a delight to use!     Read More

Our Next system is designed to give you increased control of your homes technology. It can be easily retrofit into your home giving you the type of control that will enhance your lifestyle, keep you safe and save you money.      Read More





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