GreenControlMore System Features:

¨ Control: Control your system with (1) wireless touch panel, (1) iPod Touch, and from any connected PC running the control app.

¨ Lighting: Control (24) lights in and around your home. Create lighting scenes including “good morning”, “good night”, “vacation” and more. We use Lutron, Leviton and Cooper Electric depending on the desired style and functionality.

¨ Climate: Manage your existing HVAC system with (2) HAI intelligent thermostats giving you immediate control of your homes heating and cooling from any of the convenient Control Interfaces.

¨ Safety: For this important subsystem we use proven systems by HAI, GE and Ademco to help keep you safe and secure. Included are (2) keypads, the controller, (2) motion detectors and (10) wireless door or window contacts. The system works in perfect harmony with the rest of the GreenControl subsystems. 

¨ Entertainment: This extensive system comes with the necessary components to distribute audio and video to (6) areas of your home including speakers and control.  Additionally More includes a media room surround sound system that will integrate with your existing LCD or Plasma display. The system will connect to your existing audio-video system and music files on your home network.

GreenTechNW’s More system builds on the technology of our Next system increasing the possibilities for whole home control. Leveraging the convenience and economy of the iPhone/ iPod Touch, More gives you more extensive control of your media and a greater flexibility to interface with a wider variety of 3rd part systems. With More you can you can use a variety of wired and wireless touchpanels to manage and control your lighting, climate, safety systems and media. GreenControlMore allows you to control you home theater, your master bedroom and distributed audio and video with great convenience and ease.


GreenControlMore packages start at …..

                                                    $ 19500.00

More of the same?   Hardly!

GreenTechNW is currently developing a GreenEnergy control interface for solar, wind, and carbon usage!

Your iPhone or iPod Touch is all you need to have control of your automation system.


You can even log on remotely and control your system while you are away.

GreenTechNW’s GreenControlMore is a offers unparalleled flexibility in the management and control of your home’s energy systems, as well as your media and entertainment.

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