This wireless system is a snap to install and gives you command of your home’s lighting, climate, and safety systems. It even includes the ability to play music from your iPod or computer.

GreenControlSimple System Features:

¨ Control: Control your system with (1) Lagotek HIP100 touch panel, your PC and designated smartphones. With a Windows Media Center PC you can initiate scenes with your existing Media Center remote.

¨ Lighting: Control (12) lights in and around your home. Create lighting scenes including “good morning”, “good night”, “vacation” and more. We use Leviton Light dimmers with wireless intelligence built in.

¨ Climate: Manage your existing HVAC system with (1) RCS intelligent thermostats giving you immediate control of your homes heating and cooling from your Lagotek touchpanel, a laptop or even your cell phone.

¨ Safety: To help keep you safe we incorporate GE fire and intrusion components. This subsystem includes (1) keypad, (2) wireless motion detectors, and (2)  wireless door contacts. The system works in perfect harmony with the rest of the GreenControl subsystems. 

¨ Entertainment: Our Simple system will connect to your existing audio-video system and music files on your home network to give you a new level of functionality. The system is easily expandable to play music throughout your home.

Technology this compelling could only be found in the upscale homes of the wealthy but a few years ago. Well things have changed and this system that “could” … well ... “can” do so much to make your home safer, more enjoyable and more Green at a price that will surprise you. Our GreenControlSimple system is very affordable and will begin to pay for itself the moment it is installed in your home. The centerpiece of this system is a processor by a Northwest automation manufacturer called Lagotek that leverages Windows based technologies and bright packaging to offer you a product that excels at eco-friendly automation.                Learn more about Lagotek


GreenTechNW’s package starts at …..

                                                    $ 3500.00

The little GreenControl that could ….

See the Lagotek Touchscreen in action and imagine what GreenControl could do for you. Try it Now!

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