Our staff have been designing dedicated Home Theater systems for over 20 years. We design to exacting standards that take into consideration room acoustics, seating layout, visual sightlines. The end result …. The pinnacle of the art of HomeTheater.

¨ Whether you are building a home or turning your garage into a HomeTheater, contact us early on so we can help layout the parameter of the space for lighting, seating, sound and video.

¨ Media content for your HomeTheater can be accessed and controlled by a touchscreen and your can even access content from your central MediaDistribution system.

¨ Lighting is an important element for your HomeTheater and should include pathway and reading lights that will not interfere with the image on the screen.

¨ Like GreenTechNW’s other systems, HomeTheater is designed to be Green and may be implemented on its own or may become a part of our comprehensive GreenControl technology.

There is a science to HomeTheater design in terms of consideration of the technical aspects of acoustics, lighting, seating, amplifier power and so forth. But just like a really great home, what makes a theater truly great is art.

At GreenTechNW we are committed to this art because without it your home theater lacks the ability to move you to believe that “you are there”. It is that “your are there” experience that we each so yearn for in our life’s experiences. 

We apply this art using the best components, a sound technical framework, and you. Actually you are the key ingredient here and it is our communication with you that is the germ within the see from which the mighty theater is given life.

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Theater packages starting at …..

                                                    $ 15000.00

GreenTechNW’s HomeTheater system …   what every other theater wishes it could be.

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