We offer Lighting and Shade control from a variety of manufacturers so we can fit the right system to your project. This is one element of our GreenControl automation system that gives you the type of practical and convenient control that will make your life more enjoyable and more ECO-Friendly!

¨ GreenLightingControl comes in both wired and wireless configurations making it perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications.

¨ GreenLightingControl keypads will control room or even whole-house scenes. No need to push multiple switches to create the environment you want.

¨ GreenLightingControl is easy to integrate. For those DIY people we can work with you to configure the system that is just right for you and then sell you the system. We are always available for friendly technical support. 

¨ For automated shades GreenLightingControl offers many types of fabrics and styles to complement the aesthetics of your home.


Typically, your home’s lighting accounts for 20% of your monthly electric bill. A significant portion of this is due to lights being left on in unoccupied rooms and keeping lights brighter than necessary because there is no way to easily adjust the light intensity. GreenTechNW’s GreenLightingControl manages lighting in your home in a way that is both convenient and Green.

Our system will manage both lights and shades to create an environment that is both beautiful and Green!

Start on the path to savings and convenience now. Our experts are ready to help you design the perfect system.

Lighting packages starting at …..

                                                    $ 500.00

GreenTechNW’s GreenLightingControl gives you total control and reduces energy usage.


Dimming your lights by just 10% will double the life of your bulbs!

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