For many of us here our roots are in audio and video and that passion is reflected in systems that are easy to operate, aesthetically complementary to your homes design with a “cut above the norm” in terms of performance.

¨ MediaDistribution comes in both wired and wireless configurations making it perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications.

¨ Media content on our MediaDistribution can be accessed and controlled by touchscreens, keypads and even a PC or Mac interface. Your iPod can be your server that sends your favorite music wherever your request it.

¨ Some of our MediaDistribution systems are easy to integrate and can fall into the DIY category. Others, offering greater control, are more comprehensive in both design and integration. Our designers will work with you to help you discover what fits you to a T!

¨ While MediaDistribution may be implemented on its own, it is always designed to integrate within our GreenControl architecture.

A “Smart Home” has many different systems that work together to create a more comfortable, enjoyable, safe and economical home. Media distribution, the distribution of audio and/or video content throughout the home is part of this picture.

A good MediaDistribution system will allow you to view or listen to what you want—where you want it. It should be agnostic to the type of content and whether it comes from the internet or a CD allow you to access it logically and easily.

GreenTechNW focuses on the design and integration of intrepidly functional media systems that offer you the best in performance and technology. Oh yes …. our systems are Greener by Design too!. Call us today!


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GreenTechNW’s MediaDistribution maximal enjoyment — minimal consumption.

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