The SafetySystems solutions offer camera surveillance, safety lighting control, climate control, and occupancy sensing to provide automated monitoring and alert for your home and your loved ones.

¨ SafetySystems elements come in wired or wireless configurations so it can be retrofit in an existing home or integrated from scratch in a newly constructed home.

¨ SafetySystems is compatible with a wide range of standard fire and intrusion systems on the market.

¨ SafetySystems can turn off the HVAC system in the event of a fire to minimize the spread of smoke in the house.

¨ When you leave home SafetySystems and GreenControl will turn off the lights, arm the security system, adjust the heat and turn off the audio/video system with one button push.

¨ With SafetySystems cameras you can login from work or your cellphone and see your home in real time.


Part of living smart is doing what you can to insure the safety of your family member whether one year old or 95. Our SafetySystems are an important part of the GreenControl system providing the ability to monitor children and elderly family members while they are sleeping, by the pool or home alone.

The systems “smart” behavior may be configured to automatically adjust lights, the climate system and send an email to you at work when alert conditions are detected.

GreenTechNW is committed to providing you with a complete solution that will keep you safe, comfortable and entertaining so you can feel … right at home!



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GreenTechNW’s SafetySystems give you the technology to increase your peace of mind

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